Hey, it’s good be back home again…

After four encouraging weeks in Africa with Bible hungry students, I’m home.

The first week in Makeni, Sierra Leone, we completed Course One our nine course curriculum with thirty-two students. In the video below you can see the two men from the Bridge of Hope who came to help mentor the pastors. It was a privilege to be a part of their team.

Then another week in the capital, Freetown, preaching through 1 Timothy. It was a missionary dream: motivated students, hard discussion, and always going back to the Bible when things were in question. Each attendee received a copy of Conrad Mwebe’s book, “God’s Design for the Church: A guide for African Pastors and Ministry Leaders.”

I preached in two churches, in Makeni, with home country singing! Very nice rhythm section.
Sierra Leonian elementary school track meet. Lowering the flag with panache.
Our team of trainers. They left Monday morning, I stayed to teach Romans.

My first week in Liberia with a super team of trainers was hot and hard, but super cool and rewarding. We covered Course Three: the art of interpreting biblical narrative and Old Testament Law – it never ceases to inspire. My last week at GraceLife College I read and explained Romans for 20 hours, verse by verse, line by line, following Paul’s reasoning closely. We read the whole book except for a few verses.

Progress at GraceLife College and Seminary. Second floor of the education wing well underway. It will include: dorms with real beds, showers, bathrooms, a library, offices, classrooms, and apartments for interns. Thank you for praying and giving!!
When there is no other way.
Getting the rebar ready for concrete pillars.
Ben rides his bike 1 1/2 hours each way to come to the training. A snooze at lunch is a needed comodity..
Romans class.
Abraham’s a new daddy. His wife delivered their third girl – that morning!
My view.
Hot days. Teaching.
Figuring out Romans 7 – Paul is looking back at the conundrum of being a religious person, without Christ, struggling with keeping the law but succumbing to sin.
Dad showing Harper a sonogram pic of identical twin brothers coming in July. Vickie’s mom is on the right.

Our world map reminds us to pray for the 2.3 billion people who have never heard the name of Jesus.
An authentic Liberian sunset to close the letter.

Thank you for reading, looking, praying and giving!


One Comment on “Hey, it’s good be back home again…

  1. What a day that will be when we can all sing together and understand each other’s words! What joy these people exude! I’m envious of you getting to be with them Bob!


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