About Training Leaders International

Throughout the world, there are millions of pastors who are doing the difficult work of leading the church with little to no theological training. A growing gap in theological education leaves the global church susceptible to false teaching, decay, and collapse. Without solid discipleship, training, and leadership, the church falters. False teaching leads the people astray, new Christians never move beyond spiritual milk to solid food, and the church becomes immature, weak, and barren. Training Leaders International intends to play a unique role in addressing this problem.

Training Leaders International mentors and sends pastors, seminary professors, and graduate students to bring theological education around the world through modular training, long-term sending to seminaries and international churches, and school planting.

TLI pledges financial accountability through our membership with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. The ECFA seal assures donors that their gifts will always be used appropriately for TLI’s ministry. ECFA’s Standards of Responsible Stewardship focus on board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fundraising and proper use of charity resources.

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