Bob’s Schedule

Bob’s yearly travel schedule:

  1. Bob will travel to Minneapolis at least 2X every year for staff meetings and water cooler conversations.
  2. Bob and Vickie will go the annual conference in Colorado Springs each June for refreshment.
  3. Bob will also be taking 5-6 trips every year to Africa, India, and other countries to teach – These teaching assignments are usually 10-14 days.
  4. Bob will also be recruiting others to teach on a volunteer basis.

August 2018, Uganda – taught New Testament Introduction and Theology

December 2018, Liberia – taught skills in preaching narrative using Jonah and Ruth as examples.

January 25, 2019 – Update evening at our home

March 14-23, 2019 – Liberia – teaching preaching preparation using the Gospel of Mark

April 22-26, 2019 – Training Leaders International (TLI), Staff Meeting, Minneapolis

June 2019 – Somewhere, maybe Africa?

June 7-14, 2019 – Annual TLI conference, Colorado Springs

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