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79 Reasons to Pray. Why pray? Let me count the ways.

Read this first. In the Bible, prayer is asking God to keep His covenant promises. “Initially the focus will be on showing how ‘calling on the name of Yahweh’, or prayer that asks God to deliver on his covenantal promises, is the foundation for… Continue Reading “79 Reasons to Pray. Why pray? Let me count the ways.”

How to Pray for Africa

Many of my mission/training trips have been to Africa: Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Liberia. I train national leaders to read, understand and preach the Bible. According to the Bible, my/our efforts will be in vain unless we pray, “I am the vine; you are… Continue Reading “How to Pray for Africa”

Why Plant Training Centers

This article by my new friend Joost Nixon is excellent! The more I experience and learn about training pastors without access to theological training the more I’m convinced this should be a MAJOR emphasis in our churches in the U.S. Joost is right when… Continue Reading “Why Plant Training Centers”

When Helping doesn’t Help

We are westerners. Our heritage, our Bible, our Saviour instruct us to give, to help, to assist. However, we need to be smart about it. The following article may be a jolt to you, but hopefully a helpful jolt. You can also read and… Continue Reading “When Helping doesn’t Help”