Month: February 2019

51 Reasons to read the Bible

This list is not exhaustive. But it is enough. We live by the Word, because Jesus is given to us by the Holy Spirit through the Word. Five minutes every days isn’t enough. Ten is not enough. God is speaking. To me. Supernaturally. Jesus… Continue Reading “51 Reasons to read the Bible”

Elisabeth Elliot

If Elisabeth Elliot writes it, we should read it. She is a model of clarity, biblical grounding, compassionate truthfulness and consistency. And she street-wise experience to call us to listen.

Liberia to the rescue…

This is well worth a re-post. The United Methodist Church is embroiled in a controversy concerning biblical authority especially as it applies to homosexuality. Dr. Kulah, from Liberia, is a model of grace and truth as he addresses his fellow churchmen. May we all… Continue Reading “Liberia to the rescue…”

The Shifting Sands of Belief

I finished reading, Disruptive Witness: Speaking Truth in a Distracted Age, by Alan Nobel. He bounces many of his thoughts off of the Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor and does so with skill. He helped me organize my thinking about why this age is so… Continue Reading “The Shifting Sands of Belief”