The Need

85% of the pastors in the world have no training and yet they lead and preach and counsel. What should the church in America do? We have a abundance of training: Bible colleges, seminaries, conferences, and books.

The answer is sending our trained pastors to go. There is no other choice to make.


In recent years, people in countries around the world have been coming to faith in Christ at an astounding rate.

75% of Christian believers now live in the majority world, where the majority of the population of the world resides: Latin America, Africa and Asia. As a result, many churches are being planted and are growing like never before. This growth has rapidly outpaced the supply of pastors & church leaders who are adequately equipped to feed and lead the flock.

85% or more of pastors outside the U.S. (est. 5 million) have very little to
no sound formal theological or ministry training and have no access to it.
1 : 230
Ratio of trained pastors to people in the U.S.
1 : 450,000
Ratio of trained pastors to people outside the U.S.

The number ONE need and request in the work of missions today around the world is for pastoral & leadership training.


Training Leaders International (TLI) is a Christian non-profit organization that seeks to address the growing need for sound theological training for national pastors and church leaders.
TLI seeks to strengthen national churches around the world by:

  1. sending out short-term teams to train pastors & leaders 

  2. sending out long-term individuals to teach at and/or help establish sound theological training institutions.

“Finally, brothers, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead
and be honored, as happened among you.” 2 Thessalonians 3:1 (ESV)

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