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My current reading, maybe your video devotions

From time to time, well, maybe 3 times, someone has asked me what I’m currently reading. I’m usually working on several books at the same time, and sometimes, in a Mortimer Adler kind of way, if the book isn’t top notch, I don’t finish… Continue Reading “My current reading, maybe your video devotions”

Suffering Saints are the Best Teachers

It is true. Those who suffer know about God in a different kind of way. It is instruction that I need. Best not to avoid those in pain, but draw close to help and learn about the God of all comfort! Amy Medina’s article… Continue Reading “Suffering Saints are the Best Teachers”

Losing Family

Another death article. Well, we are going to die, so die well. Do well when others die. Steven died well. Jesus more so – gloriously, devastatingly, sovereignly. His death is hard to describe. Worst. Best. Lovingly taking wrath on himself. You would never run… Continue Reading “Losing Family”