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Tanzania and Liberia

March 2-23, 2020 – Tanzania March 2 – 8 we will meet with our potential partner in setting up a cohort of students for a start date in August 2020. 2 weeks teaching in Liberia: one week teaching Course 9: “2 Timothy“, and the next week teaching Course 1: “Knowing God, Scripture, and ourselves. ” Course 1 provides the foundation and orientation for the entire 9 course curriculum. It introduces (1) God’s character, focusing on his sovereignty, wisdom, and goodness, and God’s nature as one and three (triune). It introduces (2) Scripture as our diverse and unified authority, with a fundamental hermeneutical question tied to its diversity, its unity, and its authority respectively. And it introduces (3) our own purpose and role as leaders within God’s church.

Here is the link to TLI’s Liberia site information

Here’s another link to the story of the Liberia site’s history! This is powerful.

2020 Summer months

Two trips to? Tanzania? Liberia? Mongolia?

Past Trips:

August 2018, Uganda – taught New Testament Introduction and Theology

December 2018, Liberia – taught skills in preaching narrative using Jonah and Ruth as examples. 

March 14-23, 2019 – Liberia – teaching preaching preparation using the Gospel of Mark

April 22-25, 2019 – Training Leaders International (TLI), Staff Meeting, Minneapolis

May 23 – June 3, 2019 – Addis Abba, Ethiopia, Teaching the Story of the Bible

June 7-14, 2019 – Annual TLI conference, Colorado Springs

June 19-22, 2019 – Security Training in Colorado Springs

August 1-10, 2019 – Liberia teaching the gospel of John

September 9-12, 2019 – Staff meeting Minneapolis

September 12-22, 2019 – Ambo, Ethiopia, teaching the story of the Bible

December 2019 – India, Mark’s Gospel

January 2020 – Ambo, Ethiopia – Genesis and Exodus, teaching interpretive skill for law and narrative

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