Month: April 2020

Excellent covid-19 perspective

Kevin Deyoung is one of my favorite writers. He is concise, lucid, and speaks to the issues of the day with courage. I feel sometimes that just reading his blog makes me smarter. Hmmm. Here’s my favorite line near the end of the article,… Continue Reading “Excellent covid-19 perspective”

Agressive attentiveness!

Thomas Watson was a Puritan. He read the Bible, prayed, pastored, and wrote books. And many of his books are still in print – 350 years later! His work are not light, not fluffy, not full of stories – they are full of God.… Continue Reading “Agressive attentiveness!”

My 3 Best this Week

Here’s a short list of my best reading for the last week. Never Sorry Enough, Tim Challies. I love this article because it helps me forgive, and helps me to ask for forgiveness. Yes, sometimes, we don’t feel we/they are sorry enough. The… Continue Reading “My 3 Best this Week”

No trips, Now what?

The virus has changed things! Many of us are at home. A blessing and yet challenging – an introvert’s paradise, an extrovert’s prison. Wow, do I miss our church family, and my buddies at the gym, and time on the road (cycling)! You can… Continue Reading “No trips, Now what?”