Month: July 2019

Liberia, August 1-10, 2019

I’m heading to Liberia next Thursday, August 1. I am going with a team of 5 to teach the Gospel of John. I will have the same group of students I had in December and March so we will have a glad reunion. They… Continue Reading “Liberia, August 1-10, 2019”

Why Plant Training Centers

This article by my new friend Joost Nixon is excellent! The more I experience and learn about training pastors without access to theological training the more I’m convinced this should be a MAJOR emphasis in our churches in the U.S. Joost is right when… Continue Reading “Why Plant Training Centers”

I Like her Attitude!

Get a backbone, be the man, be immovable, fight…–lMZCU6bv7bv9rmnSXNsFSg-lcFZsrQ0AMSFe_oHGCntrL2sbDnn7XkqN9O7LnFPjAXiJxu_hXy0ZuxVR75oIUDJcs4nIbFWixMWL_LtkLR4eV6arIotxg1babt5qR8Gsf0YmJ&_hsmi=74563740