Liberia’s poverty

Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world. The civil war destroyed most of the infrastructure and rebuilding in hard sledding. The lack of running water, readily available sanitation and the lack of jobs have impacted all classes of people. The educated flee to greener pastures.

It is inevitable that there would also be a lack of theological education. Most church leaders have never been trained and have not access to training. The work of TLI has changed that for many. Specially selected leaders are eager to attend classes and learn to interpret the Bible and then preach Christ to their congregants. The students are carefully vetted by our in-country partner and they commit to attend a series of nine classes, designed by the curriculum team at TLI, to equip them to lead their churches and spread the Gospel to others.

That’s what makes TLI tick. That’s what motivates me.

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