Month: March 2021

More on the Pour

GraceLife Gets Second Floor Pour

Gbarnga and Ganta, Liberia Pics and Videos

Thursday morning, Dyonah, Abraham, and I drove to Ganta, Liberia, on the border of Guinea. We were scouting the possibility of opening another TLI training site in this remote part of Liberia. The pastors must travel to GraceLife Center in Monrovia to receive any… Continue Reading “Gbarnga and Ganta, Liberia Pics and Videos”

Providence – Joy Inexpressible

I just bought John Piper’s new book. The $25 was worth these paragraphs. Westminster books. I’m reading the Kindle one. Paper awaits me at home. “When humans exalt themselves, they call attention to something that can never satisfy the people they want to impress:… Continue Reading “Providence – Joy Inexpressible”