My 3 Best this Week

Here’s a short list of my best reading for the last week.

Never Sorry Enough, Tim Challies. I love this article because it helps me forgive, and helps me to ask for forgiveness. Yes, sometimes, we don’t feel we/they are sorry enough.

The Reason We Don’t feel the Weight of our Sin, Dan Ortlund. The article is an excerpt from his book, “Gentle and Lowly: the Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers.” It’s very good.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones, reflecting on this, said:

Martin Loyd-Jones said, “You will never make yourself feel that you are a sinner, because there is a mechanism in you as a result of sin that will always be defending you against every accusation. We are all on very good terms with ourselves, and we can always put up a good case for ourselves. Even if we try to make ourselves feel that we are sinners, we will never do it. There is only one way to know that we are sinners, and that is to have some dim, glimmering conception of God.”

Prayer is for the Humbled: How God meets us in Desperation, David Mathis. “Self-humbling is a grace beyond our own grasp. It’s a blessing we await, not achieve. God is the one who takes the first and decisive action in mercifully humbling his people. And yet he has not left us only to wait in silence. In fact, he wants to hear our voice. He invites us to have his ear.”

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