Bugs, Breakfast, Breaks

Our night watchman – Robert. He’s a student at GraceLife College – reading his Bible at 3am. It looks like he’s under the watchful gaze of Numbers 24:17; Revelation 22:16. Mornings, before sunrise, I take a peek and smile.

I’ve been busy: teaching, preaching, preparing, eating.

I’m speaking in chapel today on assurance of salvation. Sunday, I’m continuing the series on Colossians – 3:1-4. The text preaches on its own, I just have to get out of the way. In class we are studying the four Gospels and Acts. Part of the discussions deal with connecting preaching units with previous preaching units and the ones that follow. Just like a chain. Hard work. Essential.

Malaria meds are to blame here, not the teacher. It might also be the massive lunch menu. Plus it’s break time.

Bugs are bugs, but the ones here are a bit different than the California critters – see below. Additionally, African chickens, according to my local chicken whisperer are smaller. I’m not sure about that, but I think they are feistier. One of the “girls” found a small piece of styrofoam. The others chased her for two days for the “prize”. Sounds like us and our styrofoam-ish gods.

Remember the iron? Ever wonder how they change the settings? Linen, cotton, wool? Liberians are industriously amazing!

This guy was actually quite a monster. A good half inch. I kept my distance. Photography has its risks.

Red ant. Size xxx-large.
On the move!

It’s amazing what comes out of the kitchen. I don’t know how they do it, but I enjoy every moment.

Imported Costco cinnamon, P.B,. to go with oatmeal and fancy coffee.
Breafast treat!!
Chef Moses made cinnamon rolls.
Morning chores in the little village on the way to school.
She eats bugs with a chick assist. We’re down to five from the original eight – those nasty chicken thieves – Black Kites. We yell at them when they dive bomb but they are seldom deterred.

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