Fabulous week in Freetown

Possibly the only one in Sierra Leone!! At my hotel.
These are great men who lead this little church in the middle of Freetown.
Two happy pastor wives and kids.
A police officer at our training conference being presented with a book on the African church by an African pastor, Conrad Mbewe. Everyone received a book.
The church has a school for the neighborhood children. I counted 120.
The new classrooms. They build as the church has the funds. There is progress from when I was there in December!
We teach. They break into groups and discuss with open Bibles.
No words.
Happy pastor who loves and serves his wife as Christ loves the church.
Seven women came to our conference on 1 Timothy. We had some lively discussions on why God calls men to be pastors. And they came back!! for all three days.
My friend, Pastor Francis, one of the elders at the Freetown church. They cared for us well.
Animated teaching to some who may have never read 1 Timothy or preached a verse by verse exposition. We try to teach simply, phrase by phrase, verse by verse, paragraph by paragraph, through a book, hopefully in a way they will emulate.
He joined us on the small craft across the bay to the airport. It was an ADVENTURE!! We arrived on the airport side fully acquainted with the taste and feel of the Atlantic. Today I leave for two weeks in Liberia.
Sympathy for the disciples as Jesus slept.
My grandkid pic as usual.

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