Pictures – Liberia, August 2021

Here’s a photo commentary of my almost two weeks traveling, teaching, and living in Liberia. I taught Course One, “Knowing God, Knowing Scripture and Knowing Ourselves” (the role of a pastor/teacher in teaching and preaching) of nine in our excellent curriculum with 5 others trainers last week. This week and next, I am teaching the history of Israel from Joshua – Esther, to a group of students at GraceLife Bible College. There may be a few pictures of my grandchildren who didn’t travel with me this time, but hopefully in the future.

Liberia August 2021

I’m anxiously waiting to return to my second home: GraceLife Church, Monrovia, Liberia. Home, in Orange, has been amazing for four months and it’s time to return. Here are the dates: leaving Friday, August 13th, (it’s 3:30am as I write this, waiting for my trusty ride to the airport) and returning September 7th. I will lead a team of mostly TLI staff to train a brand new cohort of students from a variety of theological persuasions. Our first course, of our nine part curriculum, is entitled,

Knowing God, Knowing Scripture and Knowing Ourselves. Here’s the summary from our detailed teacher’s manual and the Table of Contents.

“Course 1 introduces God, Scripture, and the role God has defined for leaders within his church, laying a foundation for Christ’s global church to mature for God’s glory. That foundation is the relational, devotional, expositional study, preaching, and teaching of Scripture. Course 1 has this aim: Know God intimately, speak God’s Word rightly, and train others to do likewise.

Please pray for these new students. We are setting patterns and expectations that will continue for the next 8 courses over a three year period of time.

After a full week of teaching – 30 hours of classroom time, I will stay in Liberia for an additional 2 1/2 weeks to teach a course on the historical books of the Old Testament, Joshua – Esther.

Some have asked why I have been going exclusively to Liberia. The answer is that much of the world has been closed because of COVID, but Liberia is open.

Time to finish final preparations.

More to come….


Listening and then Speaking

There is no lack of posts, blogs, articles, contributors, on all the hot topics of the day: Critical Race Theory, BLM, LGBT etc., micro aggressions, sexual harassment, and the list goes on. Here’s s short list of some skills that have helped me to sort it out: be quick listen, ask questions, be more concerned with understanding the other person’s point of view that stating your own, speak in person to real people, think carefully, be polite, articulate your view without throwing darts.


Before you speak, post, or get too emotionally charged about a current event:

Zoom Class on the Pentateuch this Week

I’m home. Safe and in the midst of three months of catching up. Vickie and I are teaching k-3 graders in Sunday School. I call it semi-organized herding cats. Fun! I’m redefining slow on the bike, and we are thoroughly enjoying our four amazing above-average grandchildren.

I will return to Liberia for a month in August: leading a non-formal TLI trip, teaching two college classes, and other assorted duties at GraceLife. I love going and I love coming home – it’s all good.

Here’s a few videos, pics, and the Pentateuch class syllabus.

A student’s testimony. The necessity of family worship.

Roadside market delivery.

My scribbled notes for our classroom discussion/showdown on the nature of the true gospel, promises of future blessing, and God’s assurances. The health and wealth/prosperity gospel imported from America is not the true gospel!

My new grandson!!

GraceLife elementary school. Solar lighting.

Most of the men who worked pouring hundreds of yards of cement for the second story education wing of GraceLife College and Seminary wore rubber sandals. They worked for 27 hours without a break.
Dyonah and Ryan. Ryan and his family are on appointment with TLI to live in Liberia full-time to assist in leading the college and seminary. He visited Liberia while I was there. He is a tough dude: just finished 5 years in Mongolia with his wife and 4 children. This is a huge development for the school. Pray for him as he raises the necessary funds .

The Pentateuch

Grace Life College, Liberia

Dr. Robert Burris, April 27-May 1, 2021

Course Description: This course is a survey of the the Pentateuch for the purpose of aiding the pastor in a verse by verse, pericope oriented, exposition of the books of Moses. Attention will be given to the structure of the Pentateuch and its contribution to the ongoing storyline of the Bible – Redemptive/Historical.

Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

1. Confidently begin to study for a sermon series on any of the books covered.

2. Understand the unique contribution of the Pentateuch to the Redemptive/ historical plan of God.

3. Be able to exegete key pericopes in each book.

4. Understand how to faithfully understand, teach and apply O.T. narrative and Law.

5. Grow in their love for Christ.


1. Full participation in classroom dynamics, including prompt attendance.

3. Satisfactory completion of the final examination based on class lectures.

4. Satisfactory completion of 4 classroom quizzes.

4. Satisfactory completion of sermon project and Schoology assignments.

Course Textbooks and listening/reading:

Listen to or read all of the following articles and give a FULL one page response to each article.

Why Should I Read the Bible? // Ask an African Pastor

Falsehood and the Reasons We Believe It control/ propitiation/

Youth Ministry Demands Robust Theology

Why is the Bronze Snake in the Desert Significant? parenting/


1. Engaging in classroom discussions.

2. Satisfactory completion of the final examination based on class lectures and the assigned reading.

3. Satisfactory completion of 4 classroom quizzes.

4. Satisfactory completion of all assigned readings with thoughtful interaction indicated by responses.

Course Textbooks, readings, and listening assignment:

Holy Bible: The Pentateuch


Reading and Listening: 10%

Bible: Pentateuch

A reading and listening report will be submitted by __________2021. Each late week will result in a 5% grade deduction.

Class participation, prompt attendance – 10%

Writing project – 30%,

Full one page response to each of the links above.

Examinations: 50%

The exam will be given at the beginning of the next class in August – 45%

Quizzes – 5% – 4 daily quizzes, at 1:30pm, on the previous day’s lecture and assignment. The quizzes will be given verbally, and the questions will NOT be repeated.