Month: February 2019

Uganda – a new Song

I love Ugandan worship. Not just the preaching but also the singing part of worship. After I preached in this church the pastor taught the people a new song. Giving thanks for butter on their bread and sugar in their tea! Who would have… Continue Reading “Uganda – a new Song”

Liberia Singing

The leader in this video is a young man named Titus. He is an aspiring pastor and was in my class in December. The church does not have enough money to buy instruments, but when they do, the first one they will buy will… Continue Reading “Liberia Singing”


Social media is not community – digitized relationships? Twitted zingers? What’s that? There’s a Toyota Venza commercial that features a social media addict, complaining about others who have only 19 friends on Facebook – get a life she bemoans. What does it mean to… Continue Reading “Porching”