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I’m in my hotel room in Ethiopia. Awakened at 3am by the calls to pray played in the city – for all to hear! To pray at 3am, 5am. If you haven’t experienced this, it is common in the countries I visit – loudspeakers blaring – 5 times a day. Pray. Muslim prayers. They are fanatics for a lie. They don’t know, or say they don’t know, but it’s a damnable heresy. They are wrong. The Jesus of the Bible is God, He did die and rise for sins. It really happened. Yes, the Bible is true. But the players of this call to prayer, now going on for 2 3/4 hours… reject Jesus’ person and work. Most of my Uber drivers, as I travel, are committed to this false religion, Muslims. Fanatics. Maniacs. Monomaniacs for a lie.

This article in CT caught my eye as I listened to their pre-recorded calls to prayer and studied to preach two times today to some other fanatics, Jonah 1, and 2 Corinthians 5. Maniacs for Jesus. 25 of them sat in my class yesterday. We talked about Jesus and the Bible – all day. We never tired. Nothing about this Jesus is boring. Today, they will spend all day in church: eating together, partaking of the Lord’s Supper, singing, praying, listening, encouraging each other – rejoicing in the truth, the truth about Jesus. I can’t wait! It’s a little bit of heaven here. They are monomaniacs for Jesus.

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