Ethiopia in May, Colorado in June, 2019

Liberia March 2019

My next trip will be to the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, a city of almost 3 million. This will be a little longer than most, two full Saturdays of teaching and then every evening for 3 hours. I will also be traveling to Ambo, to visit a TLI training site 2 hours west of Addis.

I will be taking this trip by myself to assess the viability of starting a new school for TLI in the capital city of Addis Ababa. I will also be teaching 30 hours of biblical theology, and giving a one day lecture on God’s independence, better known as aseity.

When I return, I will attend a training seminar about teaching in cultures that are primarily oral in their learning styles. I’m sure to learn some good strategies for teaching those who are not primarily book worms.

Four days later Vickie and I will travel by car to TLI’s annual conference at the Navigators retreat in Glen Eyrie, Colorado, June 9-12. We are looking forward to Vickie meeting the families of those with whom I work!

Then I will attend a four-day field security training program in Colorado Springs. This is a requirement for working with TLI and a necessary safeguard in developing countries.

Please pray for me and especially for the students. Pray that they will finish the course on Biblical Theology and be better equipped to teach and love the Lord and His church.

For the love of God we go!

Bob and Vickie Burris

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