Ethiopia update, Colorado Springs

Hello friends, 

I returned from an excellent trip to Ethiopia, May 22 – June 2. I had 16 inquisitive students who gobbled up biblical theology like sponges. It was very encouraging to know that in Addis, Ethiopia, there are committed believers who care about good theology and reaching their country for Christ. 

[If anyone wants a cup of Joe from a traditional Ethiopian coffee pot, brewed in the traditional way, with traidtional roasted coffee from Ethiopia, just give me a call. It could be our tradition, maybe.]

[On the left are students in Ambo. Eager pastors!!]

My one-day trip, on Tuesday, May 28, to Ambo, Ethiopia, was long but fruitful. There were 60 students who were taking the first of our 9-course pastor’s curriculum. I will be returning to Ambo in September to teach the second course on the story of the Bible to the same students.

I’m also slated to go back to Liberia in August to teach the gospel of John. As you can see this will be a packed couple of months. 

View from my hotel room, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Finally, in a couple of days, I travel back to Colorado Springs to take a 4-day safety training course for traveling in developing countries. It should be informative and actually a lot of fun. 

Thank you for your support and prayers. I love what I’m doing. 

If you know any churches or friends who might be interesting in helping us with this ministry let us know. We are still at about 50% support.

The picture above is from our annual conference At Glen Eyrie Navigators Conference Center in Colorado Springs. Vickie and I are on the far right. Most of staff and wives were there. We had a great time. I even found a couple of mountain biking friends!

In His service, 

Bob and Vickie Burris

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