Liberia, August 1-10, 2019

I’m heading to Liberia next Thursday, August 1. I am going with a team of 5 to teach the Gospel of John. I will have the same group of students I had in December and March so we will have a glad reunion. They are growing in their abilities and I’m excited to hear their stories and what they have been preaching the last several months. In March we taught the Gospel of Mark so I am assuming they all preached Mark in the interim – I would do the same thing.

Student singing in morning chapel in Liberia

I wonder if they plan to preach the Gospel of John after we leave! I suppose two Gospels back-to-back would be a real joy.

Please pray for them: that they don’t get tired of me, that they would understand this deep and powerful book of the Bible, and that recent events in Liberia do not derail them from coming. One hundred million dollars in currency was stolen – vanished into thin air!

You can read about it here.

Many of the students travel for days to come, sleep in the classrooms at night, and then travel home after the week is over. The difficulty with the currency has caused some stability problems so things may be getting more expensive. When money gets difficult everybody seems to get upset.

I am going to serve them. I passionately desire that their ministry be built on the Bible and the Gospel. Their preaching and teaching must be Gospel-centered and Christ-exalting. Liberian Christian culture exalts the pastor. This is a hard sell when Americans come and tell them that they are to be the church’s chief servant! So pray. Pray that they will see me as a servant, that they will see Christ as the ultimate servant and the church in Liberia has a fresh moving of the Spirit.

I will come back on August 10th and then return to Ethiopia September 10-21. More about that trip later.

Bob and Vickie

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