My schedule

Just a quick update on my travel schedule for the coming months.

Rain Rain Rain in Liberia
  1. I leave for bi-annual staff meeting Sept. 9-12, in Minneapolis. Our agenda is cross cultural leading/teaching. We will be lead by Jim Plueddemann, professor of intercultural studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
  2. I will hop on the plane in Minnesota, with 4 other men, Sept. 12th, and head to Ethiopia to teach a group of hungry pastors the story of the Bible and how to integrate that story into their preaching.
  3. December will bring a trip to India to teach the Gospel of Mark, Dec. 6-15.
  4. In March I will travel back to Liberia and teach a week of 2 Timothy, participate in graduation ceremonies, and then another week of the new cohort teaching attributes of God and the call of the pastor.

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