Asia Update and 2020 plans

December 19, 2019

Dear friends and family,

Some of you have asked how I feel about the ministry of TLI now that I’ve been doing this for a year and a half. The answer is… I love it! I can’t think of a better way to use my training and experience in the world today. More than ever I feel His pleasure and cannot remember a time in my life when I have felt happier (grandkids help with this too).

The trainers and students.

My students – very motivated and smart!

Remember 85% of pastors in the world have no training at all. They are preaching, teaching, and leading churches that are many times wandering doctrinally and missionally. I have had an abundance of good training at BIOLA, Talbot Seminary, and Westminster Seminary. I think God has been preparing me for 36 years in the American church to help those who have nothing. I love being in the center of what I feel God’s will is for us.

Beauty parlor in the middle of the street!

If you would like to include us in your year-end giving we would greatly appreciate it. Our ministry fund is in good shape; however, our monthly income is still in need. Please consider regularly supporting our ministry at Training Leaders International.
Use the pull down menu and select “Staff Member”

Enter my name “Robert Burris”
The rest should be self-explanatory.

I’ve been home a few days, but I am gearing up for a very busy 2020. Please be praying for the trips and the men I will be teaching.

I will post pictures and information on my web site – and on Facebook – Bob Burris with Training Leaders International.

Our family Thanksgiving Pic! Two grandsons with a granddaughter on her way in February!

Here is our latest update:

December 3-14, 2019 – Asia – I was in Minneapolis a few days before leaving for Asia. I have been in this country in the past but never in the city we taught in. The country we visited is becoming more and more closed so I am reframing from mentioning it just to be extra cautious. There have been some recent difficulties with Americans coming into the country on these kinds of trips. We taught principles of teaching and preaching the gospels from the Gospel of Mark. There were 16 students, about 65 total in the four classes, and the discussions were animated and the men eager to learn. I think is was one of the best trips I’ve taken.

January 6-18, 2020 – Ambo, Ethiopia – Teaching Genesis and Exodus and the skills necessary to teach narrative and law.

March 2-21, 2020 – Monrovia, Liberia – Two full weeks of teaching. The first week is focused on 2 Timothy. The second week, I will be teaching a new cohort of students beginning our nine-course curriculum. Our first course is “Knowing God, Scriptures and Ourselves (the ‘ourselves’ part is about the ministry of the pastor).

May 11-23, 2020 – Ambo, Ethiopia and possibly a short side trip to Tanzania. I will be leading this trip teaching principles of interpreting the gospels from Mark.

August and December, 2020 – Tanzania. Teaching courses 1 and 2 and leading the trips.

I will be the site director for this new training site in Tanzania. This is NOT an on-site responsibility; however, it entails me taking at least two or three trips there every year for three years.

September or October, 2020 – TBD

We are also exploring the possibility of opening a new training site in southern Poland. They need good biblical and pastoral instruction. We will praying about an exploratory trip in 2021.

Thank you for your prayers and giving,

Bob and Vickie

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