Maybe on my way to Liberia…

Dear friends,

I am finishing the first week of a three week trip to Africa. Duane Tweeten (a TLI colleague) and I spent three worthwhile days in Tanzania meeting with leaders and the Bishop of the Tanzanian Inland Church to ascertain the viability of starting a cohort of students at Nassa Theological College. We were well-received and the students were very appreciative of the two days of training we did with them.

Please pray that our continued conversations with them will bear fruit and that TLI can have a significant ministry in Tanzania.

Maybe going to Liberia? The Liberian government has been vacillating for days about letting residents of California enter their country with a mandatory 14 day quarantine to check for the CoronaVirus. They consider California a hot spot for the virus. At this point our in-country partner, who is part of the Liberian government’s discussions on this issue, is confident that I will be allowed to enter the country. So, as of Saturday morning, Tanzania time, the decision has been made that I will take the 20 hour trip to Liberia from Tanzania. It is a very circuitous route; there is no easy way to fly across the African continent! I fly from Mwanza to Dar es Salaam, then to Nairobi, then to Ghana and finally to Monrovia, Liberia. Pray for safety and an uneventful trip.

Please pray they let me in to teach! The last thing I want to happen is that instead of two weeks of teaching eager students, I spend 2 weeks in a Liberian quarantine. The hotel we are staying at for these few hours has the best internet connection on the trip so far. I will try to post an update when I enter Liberia.



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