Feeling Blessed

Greetings from Monrovia, Liberia – Grace Life Bible College, Seminary, and Church. My three-month assignment has only begun and I am overwhelmed at the quality of the ministry, the leaders, the students, and the graciousness of the Liberian church. It’s been a delightful first twelve days in Liberia. Let me count the ways…

1 and 2 Samuel class. Notice the fans!!
The building with the traditional African roof is where I eat breakfast and supper. You might be able to spot a chicken or two who contribute eggs for breakfast and kabobs at night! The view is from my second story.

I was greeted and welcomed by my host with open arms and a very nice apartment – newly finished and ready for other TLI teachers to come also. If you come, you’ll love it.

All my meals are prepared for me and have been superb. We eat together under an African style dining room with the chickens and lizards keeping us good company. The chickens have a vested interest in making sure we don’t eat too much meat but it does them no good.

Our 1 and 2 Samuel class. The building in the background is the education building. The poles will be removed after the second floor concrete is dried.
Grace Life Church hosts a Christian school. The students are always ready to talk.

The students are sharp! They know their Bibles and come ready and willing to learn. We have been in class for 3 1/2 hours for six days. I will teach for another hour and a half Monday morning and then give them their final test. If you are interested in trying your hand at the test, just send me an email request and I’ll shoot you a copy. I’ll grade it with grace, if you’d like:). You might want to read 1 and 2 Samuel carefully beforehand.

The students who came a week ago Friday, for an all- day session, are being trained to teach our non-formal curriculum. It was a full and worthwhile day. We covered two of the ten lessons in Course One. They will return in February and in March to finish the rest of the course.

Good news: The College and Seminary have received funding to finish about 2/3rds of their new building as you can see the photos. Work is progressing and the future is bright for Grace Life Bible College, Seminary, and Church.

Thanks for reading and praying. Please pray for these men as they take the test and return to their churches. I will see them again in February for a seven-day class on the Gospels and Acts.

I’m preaching in the morning at Grace Life Church. Time for lights out here.


The men are preparing to pour concrete for the second floor of the education building.

4 Comments on “Feeling Blessed

  1. Thanks for the update! Seems your enjoyment is over the top! We were to have been in OC in a couple of weeks but COVID and authorities had other ideas. Praying that H.S. will continue to work powerfully through you as you teach and equip others to spread the good news!

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  2. hello, I’m glad to receive the good report. May our Lord Jesus Christ be lifted high.
    Please send me a copy of your students final test. thanks.


  3. Bob,
    Great to hear all the good news! May Christ continue blessing you and the trainees.
    Go ahead and send me the test. 🙂

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