Gbarnga and Ganta, Liberia Pics and Videos

Thursday morning, Dyonah, Abraham, and I drove to Ganta, Liberia, on the border of Guinea. We were scouting the possibility of opening another TLI training site in this remote part of Liberia. The pastors must travel to GraceLife Center in Monrovia to receive any education and bringing our training to them would allow many more to come.

We spent the night in Gbarnga and readied ourselves to help a starved-for-training group of Liberian pastors in the morning. I spoke five times and after each session they broke up into discussion groups – very lively discussion groups! Each group gave a report, we discussed some more, took a break, and rebooted. We returned late Saturday afternoon The two days were very profitable and the men, and four ladies, want us to come back.

Here are a few pics and videos from the trip and the church that hosted us. We came home tired but happy.

Students in discussion after lecture.
Town on the way to Ganta.

Transporting coal for cooking.
Our partner, Dyonah, my host in Liberia. He is an amazing man!

Unloading produce for this roadside market. We stopped and bought a trunk load.

Water for cooking, bathing and cleaning. She’s maybe 10 years old?

Cooking for 55 pastors in a rural setting, on a budget, requires some expertise! Casava leaves being processed to go in the soup and plantain leaves on top of the rice.

2 Comments on “Gbarnga and Ganta, Liberia Pics and Videos

  1. Thank you for keeping us in the loop The videos are really fun to watch!


  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing. The boys and I really enjoyed the pictures and videos. That little girl is quite amazing. God bless you!


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