March 2022: Sierra Leone, Liberia

Entry requirement

After a busy and fruitful 2021, almost 5 months in Africa, it’s time to return to my second home. I leave Friday.

Week One, March 4-13 Makeni, Sierra Leone. I will be teaching Course One of TLI’s curriculum, “Knowing God, Knowing Scripture, Knowing Ourselves,” to a new group of pastors and church leaders. Joining us will be staff members from The Bridge of Hope, Makeni, Sierra Leone. This site has huge potential for impacting Sierra Leone in the future – please pray for our students! Here’s their website if you’d like to know more,

Week Two, March 13-18 Freetown, Sierra Leone. I will be team teaching the Gospel according to 1 Timothy to a group of approximately 50 pastors and church leaders. This will be a three-day conference similar to the one on Colossians in December of 2021. We are bringing copies of Conrad Mbewe’s book, “God’s Design for the Church: A Guide for African Pastors and Ministry Leaders,” for each of the pastors. Pray that they read it!

Current student’s shower facility in Liberia

Week Three, March 18-25 Monrovia, Liberia. I join four TLI trainers and we will be teaching Course Three of our curriculum, “Understanding and Communicating Narrative and Law: Genesis and Exodus.” This course is one of the more difficult ones, but it also has great potential for spiritual fruit.

Week Four, March 26-April 2 – I will teach the book of Romans to a group of Bible College students at our training site in Monrovia, GraceLife Church. I am very excited about teaching Romans. It’s been a few years, but my first time teaching through the book changed me in significant ways.

Transformer installation.

NEWS!! Some generous donors have contributed to the construction of the second floor of the education building at GraceLife Church and schools. When the project is completed the students will have a place to sleep and bathroom facilities. There will also be additional classrooms and 2 small apartments for a couple of families to stay at GraceLife for pastoral internships. The picture shows the first stage in the construction process: electricity! Please pray for the remainder of the funds to be donated and for the students as they come.

Update: Burris extended family

We were all together for Christmas, a Christmas that didn’t disappoint. Our youngest daughter and her husband, Andrew and Katie, right, announced that they are expecting identical twins in August. We will transition from four grandchildren to six!! And Ryan, back left, has snagged a job in Southern California, which will begin in August also.


I’ll send another update next week in Sierra Leone. Thanks for reading.


Happy times

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