Month: February 2019

Transformation by the Bible

Heart warming story about reading the Bible. Only a few tears.

Are you believable?

If you want to absolutely scare a Christian, ask them to tell someone about Jesus. His life, death, resurrection and coming to judge the world. Thomas Rainer says that 90% of proclaimed Christians will never once, in their lifetime, share their faith with a… Continue Reading “Are you believable?”

Losing Family

Another death article. Well, we are going to die, so die well. Do well when others die. Steven died well. Jesus more so – gloriously, devastatingly, sovereignly. His death is hard to describe. Worst. Best. Lovingly taking wrath on himself. You would never run… Continue Reading “Losing Family”

Sowing and not Reaping

This is biblically encouraging post that will help keep you faithful to our missional call.