Month: February 2019

Talking to Strangers I suppose the rub is what to do about it. Here are my suggestions. 1. Keep your phone in your pocket when you are around real people. 2. Initiate conversations by asking a question. This is key. Most people want to be left… Continue Reading “Talking to Strangers”

Watchfulness: Stay on the Alert

Joe Carter is one of my favorites. He is insightful, funny – at times, and he stands for the truth. I’m reminded of Jesus’ words in John 8:45, ” Because I tell the truth you do not believe me.” Sometimes we just want to… Continue Reading “Watchfulness: Stay on the Alert”

When Helping doesn’t Help

We are westerners. Our heritage, our Bible, our Saviour instruct us to give, to help, to assist. However, we need to be smart about it. The following article may be a jolt to you, but hopefully a helpful jolt. You can also read and… Continue Reading “When Helping doesn’t Help”

Is there room for forgiveness in our hearts?

This is a piercing analysis of our current facination with demoting anyone for any transgression no matter their repentance.