Mostly Pictures

Pictures. They may not be worth 1,000 words, but they are worth something. I’ve added a little commentary below each one.

Staff members at GraceLife Church: pastors, school superintendent, principal, teachers, church planters, and future church planters. There are plans to begin a church at the site of the two-week old school pictured below. I had a great time with this wonderful group of committed GraceLife Church ministry staff.

There are signs like this everywhere. The prosperity, health and wealth, “demanding God do this “gospel”, is ubiquitous in most of Africa.
Dyonah, Senior Pastor at GraceLife Church, and I hiked in a short way to the new school begun by GraceLife. The children do not have a government school they can attend. They spend their days by themselves while their parents go to work. Now they are in school! GraceLife church will plant a church there soon.
1st grade
2nd and 3rd grade assignment. Notice the clay bricks and mortar. The school is renting the buildings hoping to buy in the future and rebuild.
The Pre-K and Kindergarten class.
10 foot deep well that services this community.
A kitchen. Not the school’s. However, the school is planning to begin a lunch program. The children come to school many times without breakfast and do not bring any food for lunch.
This Black Kite is in a power dive to take one of our chicks. We have about 7 chickens that provide for us – eggs and meat – and lunch for Black Kites ( Liberians affectionately refer to them as “chicken thief.” He had a successful dive in this picture. I was fortunate to snap this picture, it took about 3 seconds for him to come and go with his meal.
Singing at a church plant from GraceLife.
I preached here last week and will preach next week also. My text will be 1 Samuel 28 – a very relevant passage for Liberians.
He was asleep before I began preaching.

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