Links and Liberia

You are what you eat, even online. This is my breakfast faire most mornings: oatmeal with peanut butter and cinnamon (imported from Costco in my suitcase), coffee, eggs, and world famous Aunt Mai’s muffins. The muffins are the real reason I come to Liberia.

We spend time on the internet. Time! The clock gallops as we harmlessly scan links and sites and videos and blogs and the news. We can feed ourselves with solid digitized food instead of the time gobbling videos, news stories, and assorted menu items there for consumption. Sugary snacks may satisfy the immediate craving, but will be disastrous over time.

Here is some good sold food. And a warning.

Found this monster on the wall last night. 6 inches long. His name is Tim Challies – a Canadian. He has a web site and a daily blog with links to Kindle deals, somewhat uneven in their quality, but some very good books at hugely reduced prices. I have reverted to Kindle books because of my travel. He also has links to other sites every day. Hardly a day passes that I don’t read something he has posted with great benefit.

The Gospel Coalition. A warehouse of great articles, sermons, and blogs. Trustworthy.

Not as cute as my grandkids. But still…. she cried at church when she saw me.

Desiring God. A treasure: sermons, articles and free PDF books. John Piper and others. An all purpose site with Bible study materials. A ministry founded out of Capital Hill Baptist in Washington D.C. Great resources and handy 9Marks books on the church.

Crossway. Anything they publish is a winner. They also have supplied books for our trips to Africa at a huge discount so pastors can have quality reading material.

Trevin Wax. You can sign up for his blog posts at

Liberian iron complete with charcoal heat supply.

Kevin Deyoung. Same as Mr. Wax.

World Magazine. The news from a solid Christian worldview.

The Berean Test. A Christian song review site. Give it a try. I like it.

Laura Baxter is a Christian attorney who writes about the Bible, government, and assorted topics. She has published articles at The Gospel Coalition, the Federalist, and Servants of Grace. Everything from a gentler Reformed perspective. You’ll enjoy the material. R.C. Sproul founder.

Check out the socks.
True story. Gospel Coalition Africa! Yes. A great resource for African pastors and churches. There’s a link below that I’m requiring my students to read and write about. The prosperity gospel, not really the gospel, has invaded the continent like a hoard of locusts. Brought from the U.S. and syncretized with ancestor worship and witchcraft, it has taken on an existence that will move you to your knees. I pray daily for God to open eyes to see the error. They have taken the Holy Spirit, put him in a Trojan Horse, and now they’ve let him loose so they can play with him. That’s one of the reasons I’m here now.

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