Liberia and Sierra Leone December 1-21, 2021

On December 1 I’m headed back to Liberia to teach Course Two in Training Leaders International’s non-formal curriculum – “Knowing the Story of the Bible”. The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is one unified story. Every book contributes uniquely and profoundly to the narrative/message of the Bible, “For His glory, God is reconciling the world to Himself under King Jesus”.

The family, Oct. 2021, with Vickie’s mom.

I leave Wednesday, December 1, and spend a few days at the TLI office in Minneapolis, join four other trainers at the airport, board an Air France Airbus, and arrive Saturday evening in Monrovia. After speaking in a local Liberian church on Sunday, we begin our training on Monday morning. We will teach six hours every day for five days.

Three of our four grandchildren. Pretty cool cats!

Early Friday morning, December, 10th, our partner in Liberia, Dyonah Thomas, Mike Evans, A TLI International Trainer, and I will travel by car to Makeni, Sierra Leone to scout a promising training site. I’ve included a video below of the site which is already heavily invested in education and mercy work.

We will be there until Sunday when we will drive to Freetown, Sierra Leone, and conduct a three-day Pastor’s Conference, Tuesday – Thursday, December 14-16, teaching the book of Colossians. The plan is to speak for 45 minutes, break the pastor’s into groups of 5-7, answer some questions about the biblical text and the message, then return and have a large group discussion. We will repeat this pattern three times a day for three days.

We will return to Liberia, on Friday, get our COVID tests on Saturday morning, preach and teach on Sunday, board the plane on Monday evening and arrive homeTuesday afternoon, December 21.

Please pray for:

Our Students – almost everything we teach new students is new to them. They have been fed health/wealth/prosperity/deliverance ministry non-stop for most of their lives. This doctrine infects every aspect of the church, Christian living, and pastoral ministry. Pray for the Spirit of God to open their eyes.

Safe travel – 3 full days in the car. Crossing borders, good and bad roads, hot hot hot.

Here is a video from the potential site in Makeni, Sierra Leone.

New training sites – We hope to open two sites in Sierra Leone in 2022. This will be a new country for TLI.

Below is a testimony from one of our students. He travels from Ivory Coast to Liberia to attend classes.

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