Leaving for Sierra Leone in the Morning

We have had a great week of teaching Course Two in our curriculum, “The Story of the Bible.” As you can see from the pictures we teach the epochs of biblical history and each book’s contribution using pictures. Tomorrow morning Dyonah and I will spend a long day in the car traveling to Sierra Leone to scout out two potential training sites. Please pray for safety and for stamina to speak all day for three days, December 14-16.

On the left you can see the students arranging the biblical epochs and books with the descriptions and pictures.

Seven of my nine students.


They met in small groups to plan a sermon on each epoch,

Using sticks for her math lesson.
Muting the drums in church with a Bible!
Traveling machete sharpening business.
Kindergarten teacher in the elementary school

One of my fellow teachers.

I cannot imagine a more profitable use of time and ministry effort. Our students are eager and every day there are great moments of discovery.

One particular student, who was sold out to the property gospel, came this week with a testimony of how he saw his error and has changed dramatically. It was a pleasure to have him in class and see him grow.

I will try to send an update before I leave for home December 20th. Thanks for praying.

On the way to do the laundry.


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