Great Week, Great Students, a Full Heart

Morning devotions.
Find your name and come to class – on time.
My students figuring it out.
Abraham and Phil. Very bright!
Evening recap of the day. There were 5 of us from the U.S.
Friday. Ryan (beard on the left) lives in Liberia full time with his family. This is most of the class.
The following pictures are of the second floor construction. The first floor is mostly completed and in full use. The second floor will provide more classrooms, dorm rooms with beds, showers, bathrooms, a library, and apartments for families who come for an internship.
They make their own blocks. Stronger.
Behind the building staircase and beginnings of a fence.
Current shower
Future apartments for interns and families
Liberian dinosaur
Our gardeners at home. They work hard and cheap.
This is Pastor Margaret’s song. She pulled this one out of the hat after hearing Mike’s sermon on Gideon to the inmates in prison!! She is in the pic below.
Born in Sierra Leone, she works as an RN in Texas and runs a Christian ministry, in Makeni, to out-of-wedlock mothers and rape victims to save children from abortion. She knows Margaret (see above). We met her at the hotel while eating breakfast. That’s Mike on the right. He is TLI’s Africa director. He taught in Makeni and shared the teaching at the conference.

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