Three Videos: Betty, George, Abraham

Betty tells it best. Gotta love Betty! She is a star pupil and teaches women’s ministries at her church. (You may need to click on the Picture-in-Picture icon at the bottom of the video to see Betty’s full face. WordPress glitch). George is from Sierra Leone and is a wonderful man! Abraham, a committed student, came to class the morning his wife gave birth to their daughter Abigail. These men and women who sacrifice to come and learn are the true heroes of Africa. I pray for them every day.


Here is a quick trip update.

My proposed schedule was roughly: 1 week in Minneapolis at the TLI office.

2 weeks in Liberia: teaching Course 4 on the gospel of Mark and one week teaching the Major Old Testament Prophets.

2 Weeks in Sierra Leone at two training sites.

Five weeks away and then home to Orange.

Things did not materialize that way: violent, deadly riots in the two cities in Sierra Leone necessitated cancelling the last two scheduled weeks of my trip.

However, the first week at the TLI office in Minneapolis was great- plenty of talk and connections.

The first week in Liberia I led a fabulous, amazing, incredible (more raving needed but I think you get my point) team from William Tennent School of Theology. Five of the best teachers ever!! I highly recommend William Tennent if you are thinking about a theological education, especially for vocational pastors. In my next life I will definitely enroll there. Their model is different than traditional seminaries. Here’s the link.

In Liberia there were logistical difficulties concerning water, food, and electricity. These problems necessitated the cancelling of the second week of classes. A huge disappointed for the students and for me, especially for the students who sacrificed much to come to class. Very sad.

All the men from Sierra Leone have happy wives! Especially George.

However, I was able to stay in Monrovia for two more weeks to help our full-time TLI staff member, Ryan, with administrative tasks and problem solving. They were hard weeks but necessary ones.

Please continue to pray fervently for the students and the ministry in Liberia. There is no doubt in my mind that the enemy does not like what we are doing there.

I’m home now, gathering my thoughts, preparing for my next trip and heading to Minneapolis the first part of October for our bi-annual staff meeting.

Thanks for praying and giving.

Bob and Vickie Burris


4 Comments on “Three Videos: Betty, George, Abraham

  1. Thank you for your up-date. We always pray for you. Having a wonderful time at home!


  2. Praise God for the work He is doing & we will pray!! Thank you for the videos ! Betty is so full of joy.


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