Third Week in Africa – Makeni, Sierra Leone – The Story of the Bible

We have 30 pastors, leaders and student in our classes this week. Here is our summary sentence for Course Two, the story of the Bible: For His glory, God is reconciling the world to himself under King Jesus, and God has revealed His plan and work from Genesis to Revelation.

That sentence sums up 5 days of teaching. There are no words available to describe the privilege of presenting, discussing, and teaching skills to interpret and apply the story of the Bible to church leaders who have never heard this approach to Scripture.

Thank you for praying, encouraging, and giving so that these men and women can be more effective as church leaders in Africa.

Late Saturday night on the 3 hour trip from the airport in Freetown to Makeni.

55 lbs. bags of rice for a struggling city where most live at a subsistence level. The Bridge of Hope brings the light of the Gospel, schools, medicine, and hope for the hungry.

Life is lived-out, outside.

In a remote village the tire toy bring hours of good play.

Sunday is washing day.


In this church the men are with their kids!! The “lonely” ladies are on the other side.

I preached for 40 minutes and then saw this: my 20 minute time slot.

Our energetic breakfast lady delivers with style.

It’s Thursday evening. We’ve had a great week teaching and interacting with the students. We’ve fielded a multitude of questions and pushed through 9 lessons. We will finish tomorrow morning and begin the trek home. Thanks again for praying,


2 Comments on “Third Week in Africa – Makeni, Sierra Leone – The Story of the Bible

  1. Thank you for your sharing!

    Keep praying for you ministry that Kingdom of God will be developed in Africa.


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