Home – Midnight Saturday – Thanks for Praying!

Africa [internet slow] would not let me upload videos so here are a few for you to enjoy. Plus a few new pics.

Great trip. Great time in Makeni, Sierra Leone, teaching the story of the Bible. Students are progressing very well. I’m ready to return in March.

Reciting the story of the Bible and how each book fits. It’s perfect. And from Moses!

Avi, who travels from Ivory Coast for our training with his appeal and mine.

They cook breakfast for four of us, then lunch for forty, then dinner for four. With a smile.

Singing at 8:30am as they come to morning devotions.

Drummers in church! The only instruments. They are good!!

Straight from the market. Paper or plastic? Plastic.

Morlai, the lead elder at the church in Freetown, Sierra Leone. We hope to begin training in March, 2023. Below is the school building.

That’s it for now. Thank you for praying and asking and giving and reading.

Bob and Vickie Burris

One Comment on “Home – Midnight Saturday – Thanks for Praying!

  1. I will continue to pray for you and that the church leaders you are training will have immense impact in evangelizing the nations.


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