3 weeks in Africa

It’s Thursday evening in Sierra Leone. We’ve had four days of training. Tomorrow we will finish Course 3: Learning to Interpret Narrative and Law in the Old Testament. It’s been a great week but we are tired. We arrived on Friday night after a long, long, long, flight and a three hour drive in the African darkness. We preached on Sunday morning in local churches and then started teaching Monday morning, 8:30am.

It has been a delight to teach with these men who have sacrificed much to come to Sierra Leone. Saturday, we will drive to Freetown for another week with a new cohort of church leaders.

Here are a few pics of the week so far.

Left: check out the fried diced chicken, beef, and shrimp menu item at a local hotel. I was tempted to order it…but chickened out.

Below is the outdoor kitchen our two cooks use to serve lunch to the students and our team’s breakfast and dinner.

Notice below the cool shirts that our Partner in Makeni had printed up for the students.

These are my favorite times in class. The students work in groups to read and discover the details of the passage. Then they return and give a short group report. I always have to stop their reading, searching and discussion to hear their insights.


The link above will give you some idea of the state of the church in Africa and why we train pastors and church leaders.

And lastly, our family Christmas picture. Thanks for reading. I’ll post again next week in Freetown if the internet cooperates. Bob

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